Mass and individual vindication


The Law Firm provides services in the field of: debt collection, supporting creditors or acting on behalf of debtors. We represent our clients in court and enforcement proceedings.
We mainly assist creditors. However, if you need help in servicing your debts, then we can also help you.
Debtor! Instead of taking out more consolidating loans or taking out loans called “moments”, you better use your lawyer to negotiate with the creditor. The solutions achieved are better and cheaper for all parties.


Specialization description

Specifically, how much will I pay to recover my claim?
We try to conduct the recovery effectively, not just push the cases through the court to quickly discontinue the bailiff’s execution. Just like every disease, every case is different. We conduct the cheapest and most effective debt collection for our regular clients: we drafted their contracts ourselves, secured their transactions and analysed their contractors.
Competition from Debt Collection Offices, Business Law Firm (dealing mainly with debt collection), Debt Collectors etc.
The profile of our Law Firm’s activity is focused on high quality service of specific orders, not on mass vindication. Simply put, we earn on quality, not on scale. Therefore, the clients who commission us to conduct their cases are satisfied both with the effectiveness and relatively low costs of conducting proceedings.
Openness and transparency.
Let us remind you that as a law firm with tradition we respect our reputation. We provide our clients with comprehensive information about the costs they will incur. We do not charge any hidden fees, we do not apply any unexpected price lists.
Price-comparison analysis.
We are ready to talk openly about the costs of our work. If a client would like to take advantage of our help, but has obtained a better price offer elsewhere, then we are ready to respond to this offer. We are convinced that the quality/price ratio of our services is very favourable.
More detailed, but still general, information can be found in the “Principles of cooperation” tab in the main menu.



We help in negotiations between the debtor and the creditor, which often allow to establish convenient forms of debt repayment while avoiding additional costs associated with court proceedings.


We represent the client in arbitration proceedings and this means that we try not to bring the case to the court stage in order not to expose the client to additional costs.


We conduct both court and enforcement proceedings.

We invite you to cooperation:

We encourage you to contact us. Whether it is only the exchange of experience, discussion of a dangerous amendment to the law or potential (small or large) cooperation, in any case we will be pleased to establish a dialogue with you. Every great success starts with the first, noncommittal “Good morning”!

Examples of our Office’s services in this specialization

Economic Intelligence

The Law Firm may prepare a preliminary interview of a given entity, including establishing its registration situation. We are not an intelligence agency, however, a lot of useful information results from the analysis of documents sent by a potential contractor of our Client and his registration situation. We are able to obtain this information. . 

Findings of the property owner

It is also possible for us determine the owner of the property or the encumbrances that are imposed on it. Within the scope of our city, we only need the address. For other locations, it usually takes a little time and a few dozen zlotys.

Debt conversion

The Law Firm’s assistance may turn out to be particularly necessary in the area of debt conversion, when care for the precision of contractual provisions is extremely important. It is crucial that the implementation of current obligations is not threatened and that it does not destroy the existing cooperation of the parties.

Security for receivables

Although the choice of a contractor is a business decision of our Client, our role is to support the planned cooperation by securing the timely payment under the contract. We draw up bills of exchange, warranty agreements, establish pledges and If necessary, we take part in notarial activities and in signing contracts with banks.

Judicial stage

We represent you in court proceedings – ordinary, writ of payment, warrant or electronic writ of payment (EPU). We also assist in obtaining a European Payment Order.

Judicial enforcement

Basically, the execution is carried out by a bailiff. However, the choice of a bailiff and the ability to prepare the request to initiate enforcement proceedings in an appropriate manner have a very significant impact on the effectiveness of the enforcement proceedings. We know many very good bailiffs, as well as ways to speed up the pace of debt collection proceedings.

Let’s act, let’s not waste any time!