Transport industry

How to get over so you don’t have to drive

The Law Firm provides services to forwarding companies operating throughout Europe.

Thanks to many years of experience, acquired in matters concerning the carriage of goods and forwarding. The Law Firm successfully provides comprehensive legal assistance to entrepreneurs operating in the above mentioned industries.

At the same time, the Law Firm undertakes legal representation before the Courts of persons participating in broadly understood transport and forwarding, in their individual cases, including mainly carriers and individual drivers.

Extensive experience of the Argos Law Firm’s lawyers in providing services to entrepreneurs also helps in providing legal services for the development of carriers’ technical facilities, negotiating lease agreements or securing receivables.

Thanks to a good knowledge of transport law and CMR conventions, our cases are characterized by a high degree of responsibility and effectiveness.

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Constant as well as irregular service for transport operators


Legal services targeted on small and large businesses


We look for professional solutions taking into account the legal status in the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, commonly known as the CMR Convention


We draw up appeals against decisions of public administration bodies such as the Labour Inspectorate, Road Transport Inspectorate, etc.


We undertake activities for the benefit of forwarding, transport companies and carriers

We invite you to cooperation

We encourage you to contact us. Whether it is only the exchange of experience, discussion of a dangerous amendment to the law or potential (small or large) cooperation, in any case we will be pleased to establish a dialogue with you. Every great success starts with the first, noncommittal “Good morning”!

Examples of our Law Firm’s services in this specialty

Late payment of FA VAT

We have won all lawsuits against the dishonest contractor, who despite providing transport services failed to pay the due remuneration.

Transportable call for payment

The document inviting the debtor to payment opens up the way for further recovery, since the initiation of a court action is dependent on the ineffectiveness of this invitation. Without taking this step, the court will reject the claim.


Non-performance or inadequate performance

Our specialists will take care of claims for damage to goods or delayed delivery and will advise you on how to protect yourself from liability for damage.

Transportation complaint procedure

The Law Firm conducts a complete complaint procedure, which has a specific character in transport. In accordance with the regulation, only after the complete exhaustion of the complaint procedure can a case be taken to court.

Lump sums for lack of overnight stays

The Office also provides services in connection with the provision or lack of provision of accommodation for drivers. The case law of the Constitutional Tribunal in such cases is very importan

Formulating general terms and conditions of the contract for forwarding and carriage

The Law Firm performs activities in the field of creating contracts of carriage and contracts of forwarding on the basis of the Polish Transport Law and the CMR International Convention.

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