Family matters

Divorce, alimony, inheritance and other life problems

Since the beginning of its existence, one of the areas of the Law Firm’s activity have been, and still are, cases from the broadly understood family law.

The experience gained by the lawyers of the Office allows us to effectively represent our clients in family law proceedings.

We are aware of the importance of these disputes and the sensitivity they require, therefore all actions taken are analyzed and discussed by us in order not to expose the party to unnecessary discomfort and stress.

The advantage that distinguishes our Law Firm on the market of legal services is the knowledge and competence of the head of the family law department – legal advisor Krystyna Lubelska, who for 16 years has been ruling as a judge, also in the family department.




The Law Firm specializes in divorce proceedings, separation proceedings and marriage annulment proceedings.


Cases for the establishment of alimony and investigations for increase or decrease .


Processes to regulate the relationship between parents and children or parental authority.


Succession law. We help you to understand the law of succession. We explain how the inheritance proceedings proceed, "how much someone will get" in a given family arrangement, what circumstances affect my "disinheritance", when to be reserved.

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Examples of our Law Firm’s services
in this specialty

Restriction or deprivation of parental rights

The subject matter covers all the child’s affairs. In the case of a divorce of parents or a threat to the child’s life, the Court may limit the power or, in the most life-threatening situations, take it away. In such cases, it is important to speak frankly with your lawyer to help you find the best solution. We will guide you if you are a parent whose parental rights are at risk and, on the contrary, if you want to restrict the rights of the father/mother of your child.

Acceleration – adoptions


This institution, in the field of family law, is to provide the child with the original conditions of a home. The adoption takes place by way of a decision of the Family Guardianship Court on an adoption application.
We will tell you who can apply for adoptions and what rights the biological parents have.



The separation of property, commonly known as prenuptial law, finds its application at the time of marriage. In Polish law, a property commonality arises after the marriage. The agreement of the prenuptial law is to secure the property of each party. It ensures financial independence.
The contract is drawn up with a notary public before or during the marriage.





The issue of the will plays a very important role in the law of succession. According to the Civil Code, in Poland, succession takes place in accordance with the will of the deceased, which is expressed in the Last Will or, in the absence of this document, in accordance with the so-called statutory succession, which depends on the degree of kinship of the interested party with the deceased. We assist in the proper drafting of the will so that it properly fulfils the testator’s final will.

Establishment of the inheritance

A court proceeding to determine who has acquired rights to the succession of the deceased. By means of these proceedings, the Court considers whether the deceased left a will or whether a statutory succession under the Civil Code is taking place. Often this subject arouses a lot of emotions in the family due to the possibility of questioning the authenticity of the document. 

Divorce and separation

In Polish law, a divorce is pronounced by the Court only if there has been a permanent breakdown of all areas of the spouses’ lives. Separation is established when this disintegration is temporary and the parties do not exclude the possibility of further life together.

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