Disputes, processes


We are a law firm

This means that our lawyers, apart from specialising in a particular industry, regularly represent our clients in their litigation. Figuratively speaking, for a lawyer, contact “with the Court” is as important as contact with a patient is for a doctor.

The experience of our lawyers helps in drafting contracts.

Once the time for friendly cooperation between the entrepreneurs has passed, the contract governing their mutual rights and obligations is put to trial. If the lawyer who assisted in its drafting and conclusion (both stages are important!) had experience from previous court fights in his head, he probably secured the contract properly. If he didn’t, well, you can always count on luck.

The size and organization of our Law Firm allows us to conduct dozens of court disputes simultaneously.

Good organization is essential. Brilliant statements and expensive suits do not replace the firm’s strict internal requirements. This ensures that all deadlines imposed by the Court or procedure are always met. Thanks to proper internal exchange of information our lawyers representing the Client are always perfectly informed about the case and its stage. Thanks to strict rules of confidentiality, we securely keep potentially punishable and intimate secrets of our Clients. Extensive technical background, together with the ability to use modern technologies, allows us to effectively optimize the costs of conducted processes, while increasing the effectiveness of our actions.

Our Law Firm undertakes to conduct both large criminal trials, numerous trials for the benefit of a single entrepreneur – e.g. compensation – as well as payment proceedings or family law cases. We invite you to contact our lawyers in order to determine your individual situation and procedural strategy.



Participation in sessions and court hearings.


Substitution in enforcement proceedings.


Representation in non-contentious proceedings.


Editing pleadings on behalf of the client.


Out-of-court representation by all law enforcement institutions or bodies.

We invite you to cooperation

We encourage you to contact us. Whether it is only the exchange of experience, discussion of a dangerous amendment to the law or potential (small or large) cooperation, in any case we will be pleased to establish a dialogue with you. Every great success starts with the first, noncommittal “Good morning”!

Let’s act, let’s not waste any time!