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Argos Law Firm provides extensive services to companies involved in the production and trade of food products and other fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).
Serving such an industry requires ongoing contact with the client and the ability to act quickly. It is also necessary for its effective performance to have a larger team in the Law Firm, which in key moments will be able to accept and efficiently perform a larger number of sudden orders.
As a Law Firm specializing in providing services in this industry, we provide legal services both in the scope of contacts with entrepreneurs (from the stage of drafting contracts and conducting negotiations, up to and including court and enforcement proceedings), as well as on the employer – employee line. The Law Firm cooperates with specialists in business law, labour law or accounting, which results in a multi-faceted approach to complex cases and allows to guarantee an optimal team for a given case.

Specialisation description:

The Law Firm represents its clients within the framework of permanent legal services as well as within the framework of a one-off assignment. Many years of experience in the broadly understood FMCG industry guarantees that the lawyers of the Law Firm will ensure the appropriate quality of service for an international company and the proper conduct of a small business case.

A group of our new clients came forward after Argos Law Firm was recommended to them by entrepreneurs whom we have served over many years, which is perhaps the best advertising of our services.
As a law firm, we undertake to represent our clients before courts of all instances. We cooperate with in-house lawyers, also as external experts, supporting our undertakings with legal opinions.



Działamy na rzecz producentów, sprzedawców, zrzeszeń, izb jak i indywidualnych klientów


Flexible working hours are individually tailored to customer requirements


The rapidly growing FMCG market constantly enriches the years of our experience with legal amendments and interesting facts from the fast moving consumer goods industry.


As part of legal services for FMCG entities, we provide not only legal assistance in court but also assistance in conducting activities


We specialize in food law for FMCG clients, as well as contract law, administrative law or labour law, which are largely related to the service of a food unit.

We invite you to cooperation:

We encourage you to contact us. Whether it is only the exchange of experience, discussion of a dangerous amendment to the law or potential (small or large) cooperation, in any case we will be pleased to establish a dialogue with you. Every great success starts with the first, noncommittal “Good morning”!

Examples of our Law Firm’s services in this specialty:

Legal articles for the local FMCG producers’ newspaper

Editing articles for a local magazine containing industry information, legal solutions or suggestions in the field of labour law and administration. The newspaper deals with problematic issues from the point of view of the employer and employee evaluated by a specialist in a given field.


Legal support for investments  


 We are able to create a loyalty program for the customer to develop the company. As a law firm, we draw up an individually tailored strategy based on a logical, technical and, above all, legal concept to increase customer loyalty to your company.


Strategic development of the company

We base our strategic advice on a multifaceted business focus. Thanks to our knowledge of legal regulations we are able to determine the development of the company, its objectives and the direction in which the business will go. We point out legal risks and, during consultations with the client, determine the way to achieve the assumed business objectives. When we give the client a clear picture of the risks that the company may incur, he can make bold business decisions with a view to the possible end result of a given order.


Loyalty programmes

We are able to create a loyalty program for the customer to develop the company. As a law firm, we draw up an individually tailored strategy based on a logical, technical and above all legal concept to increase customer loyalty to your company.

Labour matters

We also provide legal services related to labour law. At the client’s request, we prepare all important documents such as documents related to the establishment or termination of employment relationship, regulations, agreements, settlements or opinions. We also represent you on the employer-employee relationship before the labour court.


Material liability of employees

We provide services related to the financial responsibility of the employee employed in your company. As a result of improperly performed duties, the employee, through his or her own fault, can expose the employer to damage. When you entrusted your employee with property with the obligation to return or calculate he/ she bears material responsibility. Our clients receive professional advice and possible professional service in pre-litigation and court proceedings.


Guarantees, complaints and other safeguards

The Law Firm also has experience in matters related to consumer complaints or disputes. We approach each problem individually. Thanks to the analysis of the case, the advocate is able to determine the scope of the Office’s activity in a given dispute and if necessary, after consultation with the client, we are able to represent you in court.

Placing new products on the market

Our Firm have experience in launching a new product on the market. As you are well aware, such action is not only related to marketing and advertising activities, but also legal. A given product must meet the legal requirements for the safety of the offered article. We are ready to help you in this procedure.


Argos Law Firm edits trade agreement, including contracts with suppliers, subcontractors or landlords and draws up hotel, lease, organization etc. contracts.

Let’s act, let’s not waste any time!