Below we present the specialisations of the Argos Law Firm in which we provide legal assistance.

Criminal cases

Situations where criminal law rules apply should be treated with the utmost caution from the very beginning. A poorly handled criminal case can result in serious complications in life, both personal and professional. Therefore, the issue of professional legal assistance provided by an experienced lawyer becomes so important.


Insurance and compensation

When you want to protect your assets, the details of the insurance contract become more important than the amount insured. Our lawyers have analysed, edited and negotiated many insurance contracts.
When you are claiming damages due to you, the trial experience of the lawyer representing you is important. Our lawyers have successfully conducted hundreds of lawsuits for the payment of compensation and damages.


One of the basic areas of the Law Firm’s activity is the service of business entities, including trading law companies and persons conducting sole proprietorship. The evidence of the experience of the Law Firm’s lawyers is the fact that the founder of the Law Firm, Prof. Marek Lubelski, established and conducted legal services for numerous business entities, including one of the leading banks today. Companies serviced by the Law Firm maintain stability and development on the market, and satisfaction with our work is confirmed by the fact of recommending our services to other entrepreneurs.

FMCG industry

Argos Law Firm provides extensive services to companies involved in the production and trade of food products and other fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Serving such an industry requires ongoing contact with the client and the ability to act quickly. It is also necessary for its effective performance to have a larger team in the Law Firm, which in key moments will be able to accept and efficiently perform a larger number of sudden orders.

HoReCa industry

Legal aid to entrepreneurs operating in the HoReCa sector requires knowledge of detailed regulations governing the sector. It also requires a high degree of responsibility on the part of lawyers, which must result from their experience and the standards of business services adopted in a given law firm. A separate issue is the fact that entrepreneurs in this sector rarely have enough time to devote to long-term preparation of legal opinions. You have to act quickly and responsibly.

Transport industry

The Law Firm provides services to forwarding companies operating throughout Europe.
Thanks to many years of experience, acquired in matters concerning the carriage of goods and forwarding, the Office successfully provides comprehensive legal assistance for entrepreneurs operating in the above mentioned industries.


The construction of real estate is associated with a complicated administrative procedure and the need to apply numerous regulations of the construction law, the ignorance of which may turn out to be a very costly negligence.

The companies

The Law Firm has extensive experience in registration proceedings. We have established numerous companies, including classic limited liability companies or limited partnerships. We have carried out changes in the statutes of associations, we have served companies in bankruptcy, we are also familiar with the liquidation of companies and their mergers.

Mass, individual, effective debt collection

The Law Firm provides services in the field of: debt collection, supporting creditors or acting on behalf of debtors. We represent our clients in court and enforcement proceedings.
We mainly assist creditors. However, if you need help in servicing your debts, then we can also help you.



During its many years of activity, Argos Law Firm has helped to develop many business ventures.
At the beginning we advise future partners and entrepreneurs on the choice of the optimal form of activity. Each time you start a business, you need to work out an optimal solution that will take into account the acceptable risk, the time needed to start a business, the amount of work needed to run the business in a given form and the costs of starting and maintaining the business.


The Law Firm provides permanent legal services to companies whose fields of activity are closely related to the issues of intellectual property law. We try to constantly improve our competences, also by supporting the scientific career of our lawyers – including copyright law.
Additionally, it is necessary to remind that the partner of the Law Firm is Prof. Marek Lubelski, who for over 30 years has been constantly involved in the scientific life of various renowned universities. Copyright issues or higher education regulations are his daily bread.

Disputes and processes

We are a law firm
This means that our lawyers, apart from specialising in a particular industry, regularly represent our clients in their litigation. Figuratively speaking, for a lawyer, contact “with the Court” is as important as contact with a patient is for a doctor.

Family matters

The experience gained by our lawyers allows us to effectively represent our clients in family law proceedings.
The advantage that distinguishes our Law Office on the market of legal services is the knowledge and competence of the head of the family law department – pr. Krystyna Lubelska, who for 16 years has been ruling as a judge, also in the family department.

ZUS and pensions

Wojciech Lubelski, a partner in the Law Firm, specializes in conducting cases before the Labour and Social Insurance Court in the field of mining pensions and accidents at work. He can boast of his extensive experience and high efficiency in this area. In particular, Mr. Lubelski provides assistance to miners of hard coal and sulphur mines in disputes with the Social Insurance Institution concerning the right to a mining pension and in disputes with the employer concerning compensation and reparation for accidents at work.

Dips and wills

Argos & Partners Law Firm provides its clients with legal assistance in the area of inheritance law. It consists either in individual counseling or in representation in succession proceedings in the Court.

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