Services and principles of cooperation

We are a large law firm on the Polish market. Therefore, we offer different models of cooperation and different models of settlements. The foundation of good cooperation is flexibility and transparency.

Our Office’s services


We offer assistance and defense in civil and criminal cases. When you are planning an inheritance, a divorce or an employment lawsuit. When you suddenly get knocked on your door of the CBA/ABW/Procurement Office, making a call to us will be the best idea. We operate throughout the country and abroad, we take care of all matters, even the largest ones.u.

Permanent legal service

Comprehensive legal aid addressed to entrepreneurs. Depending on the specification of our activities, we provide legal services taking into account all the key areas of business law.

One-off advice

Every day you can encounter a number of legal puzzles and it is not a responsible decision to find answers to legal questions on the Internet. It is not always possible to meet a lawyer in free, public forums of the web. Individual legal advice is the best way to analyze the problem and establish an action plan for the case.

Opinions on documents

If you need to solve a specific legal problem, we can also help. We will analyze your documents, check the legal status and give you a legal opinion. Can you entrust us for exaple with a difficult tax interpretation, establishing the law of inheritance, or maybe you’re trying to get a new product on the market? We will take care of every case.



Negotiations take place wherever a minimum of two entities have a conflicting legal interest. Successfully conducted negotiations will protect you from court proceedings and thus you can avoid additional stress and cost.


Business Planning

Business requires good planning. We assist in planning legal and tax activities, where we analyse and detonate risks, assess the costs of business processes and the strengths and weaknesses of individual solutions. All of our clients appreciate the complexity and long-term vision of the advice of Argos Law Firm lawyers..

KRS matters

If you are planning to establish a company, transform an existing one, take over or liquidate it, we invite you to cooperation. Our specialists in the field of companies, thanks to their professionalism and experience gained, will carry out all activities in accordance with the standard requirements of registry courts.

Choose the optimal model of cooperation that is the answer to your needs


Each decision to take a new case by the Law Firm must be preceded by an analysis of documents and an interview with the person concerned. The degree of complexity of the case affects the time of the analysis, but due to the seriousness of the situation and the need to take quick action, we try to be very flexible in response to your needs.


The costs of providing legal services are calculated for each client individually, according to the specification of a given case. All you have to do is make a phone call, talk – the case valuation is free of charge.

Choice of settlement system

Our human approach to the matter will result in the selection of the most appropriate settlement system, which will be beneficial for both parties. The fact that inexperienced clients are not familiar with the legal services market does not put them at a disadvantage because we have a special understanding for our clients and the service fee charged is appropriate to the workload. 

Rules of cooperation – Billing models


The basis of this model is the contribution of the Office’s work.
For example: The Client commissions the Law Firm to prepare an analysis of the agreement. We estimate that the analysis will take from 3 to 5 hours of work, at the rate of 180 PLN’ for each hour (i.e. cheaper than 1 hour of a mechanic’s work at ASO). The client calculates that the price will therefore be between 540 and 900 PLN. And so it happens. We make an analysis and provide legal advice to the Client. What is important is that the initial conversation, as an addition to the written analysis, is of course free of charge. Other Law Offices sometimes call it “Super Package of Free Legal Protection for 7 days”. In our opinion it is a standard. Even on the 16th day, we will be happy to talk to our client about the help provided, without additional charges..


In this subscription, the customer pays a certain limit of hours in advance, corresponding to his or her expected needs.
Such a settlement system is generally used by entrepreneurs. We then establish that the client will regularly pay’ e.g. 15 hours of lawyer’s work, at a certain price (e.g. PLN 1900). We then guarantee a fixed price and professional legal assistance and continuous access to a wide range of specialists. At the same time, the client pays many times less than in case of employing a full-time lawyer.. 


The lump sum

This system consists in determining in advance the amount of payment due, for which the Law Firm undertakes to provide full legal services to the Client, regardless of the required workload.
Example no. I: The Client irregularly commissions court proceedings, from several to several dozen per month. The Law Firm then assumes the risk of workload, determining the uniform monthly payment. Additional costs, such as travel, pleadings or subsequent opinions, do not include the Client. It is guaranteed that “my Law Firm will take care of it”.
Example no. II: A client in a particular case orders us to collect his receivables in the amount of 68.000,00 PLN’. He will then pay, for example, the net amount of PLN 4,800. Regardless of the duration of the process – whether it is 2 weeks or 3 years – the client does not incur any further costs..


How to compare the effectiveness of different Law Firms?

In individual cases, as well as when comparing the rates of different Law Firms, it is worth distinguishing the following terms that affect the price of legal services


Initiation fee

is charged for accepting the case. As a rule, the rates resulting from the regulation of the Minister of Justice are applied. However, there are exceptions to the rules, but these will be determined by telephone


Remuneration by workload

Often used and accounted for. The devil is in the details – some of them count absurdly all the actions performed in a particular case, such as phones, reaching the client, sending correspondence. Others, including our Law Firm, invoice only “the time of effective lawyer’s work, with the right to replace the client before the Court”. In the final settlement this can cause a huge difference in costs.h.



Percentage compensation

We sometimes agree with Clients that the initiating fee will be lower, but for this the Law Firm will receive a part of the winning amount (or the value of the concluded contract, transaction made, etc.). Such remuneration ranges from 1% to 20% (in very difficult cases)..

Costs of legal representation

The person who wins the process usually can count on a refund from the losing party. They are often used as an additional success reward for the winning lawyer. This is good practice as long as the client is aware of it. In our Law Firm this issue is established at the beginning of cooperation..

Statutory interest

capitalized interest before the action is brought? Did you remember the prohibition of anathema? No? Call us.


We are ready to talk completely openly about the cost of our work. If a client would like to take advantage of our assistance, but has obtained a better price offer in another Law Firm, then we are ready to respond to this offer. We are convinced that the quality/price ratio of our services is very favourable.

What makes us different? Maximising customer satisfaction

Honesty and trust

Failure to comply with these two basic elements in the client-lawyer relationship may put the case on the wrong track. Due to the intimate nature of each case, often consulting a lawyer is the ultimate solution to the problem, so it is important that each party shows sincerity and credit for trust.
We would like to thank all those who have shown their sincerity and trust in the cooperation so far. We assure you that invariably, for 25 years we have been at your disposal. 

Modern and ambitious legal service

Despite the old date of establishing the Law Firm and handing it over to the younger generation, the development of the company is for us a basic and long-term goal invariably for many years, which goes hand in hand with the development of business relations.


A quality that translates into many dimensions

High standard of service


We try to modify the initially implemented customer service standards in parallel with the changing service market and customer expectations. For us, accepting the case is equal to taking immediate action. High quality is ensured by availability, therefore we try to be at your disposal.


Confidentiality and data security

Confidentiality is a fundamental principle. The specific nature of the profession requires us to exercise all due diligence in the broadly understood security. We are well aware of the fact that many situations require an overly gentle treatment, so we make every effort to ensure that information obtained from customers does not get into the possession of unauthorized persons..

Accurate settlement of costs

We encourage you to contact our lawyers in order to calculate possible payments. The amount of the fee is influenced by several factors: the nature of the case, its stage, the number of documents / evidence held, etc. On this website we have presented you with suggested settlement methods, but we are open to your suggestions and wishes.

Comprehensive approach to the case

The Law Firm provides a comprehensive service and this means that we will take over the whole problem no matter what stage it is at. Sometimes the state of complexity requires consultation or analysis with another specialist. We do not exclude assistance at an advanced stage of the court process, however, it is obvious that it must be preceded by an analysis of the case.

Flexible approach to the case

Undoubtedly, the flexible approach to the customer ensures increased customer satisfaction with the service provided. The flexibility of our services is based on reacting to the market surrounding us and making an attractive offer at the right time. Reflexes count!

Scalability of service

If you plan to outsource more things to us, then it is possible to reduce our salary rates. We approach each client individually, so we will try to negotiate the system that is most beneficial for everyone. You are planning a collective dispute – invite other victims to join us: it will be even cheaper.

so many cases we took up in 2018 alone. (as of 23 October 2018)

years of activity in the legal services market

lawyers, including 5 advocates, 3 solicitors and 4 trainees

Let’s act, let’s not waste any time!