History of the Law Firm

Are “family foundation” and “long tradition” important?


Zygmunt Lubelski, father of Marek Lubelski – a partner in law firm, for the first time took on an advocate’s robe a moment after the end of World War II. Over the years he went a long way in law: he was a judge, an advocate, a prosecutor, until he ended his career as a legal adviser. His brother Jan, who ran a reputable law firm at 21 Grodzka Street in Krakow, was also a lawyer. We are proud of our family tradition and we assure you with full responsibility that we are committed to exercising due diligence in providing our services. We have been successfully running our enterprise for years – so there is a very good chance that we will still be here for a long time.

The road we have travelled is best illustrated by the following timeline, which presents the most significant changes and events in the life of the Law Firm since the 1940s.


Stability. Our Law Firm has existed as a civil partnership since 1994. People who have accompanied us since the beginning of our existence have the opportunity to observe the whole process of development, which in October 2018 resulted in a change of the legal form of the Law Firm. On the basis of the decision of the District Court Katowice Wschód, KRS Department in Katowice, the Law Office Argos, a civil partnership K.M.W.K. Lubelski, was transformed into a limited partnership. We focus on the development of the team and, consequently, the development of the Law Office.

since this year we have been operating under the name of Argos Law Firm

stationary lawyers are part of the team

the Office was ranked in the Ranking of Rzeczpospolita Kancelaria Prawnicza 2018 by size in Silesia