Deductions and wills


Kancelaria Prawnicza Argos adw. Wojciech Lubelski i Wspólnicy sp.k. provides its Clients with legal assistance in the area of inheritance law. It consists in individual counseling, or in representation in succession proceedings before the Court.

We help you to understand the rules of the law of succession. We explain how the succession proceedings work, “how much someone will get” in a given family arrangement, what circumstances may affect “disinheritance”, when a reserved portion is due.

We have experience in conducting inheritance proceedings for persons permanently resident abroad, e.g. in Canada, Germany or Great Britain. We also cooperate in this area with foreign lawyers, including Dr. J. Mikołajko – lawyer from Toronto, Canada.

We assist in the proper development of the testament so that it duly fulfils the testator’s final will.

The complexities of the law of succession are also important when a potential testator intends to donate selected persons on the basis of a donation before death. It may turn out that the recipient will have to’ share the received donation with the donor’s heirs.

When one wants to properly determine the legal situation of an estate in the event of death, different areas of law, such as banking law, should be taken into account. This requires a good knowledge of the current procedure of the courts of succession. It is important that the lawyer advising on the succession has considerable experience in this area. Very often in such a situation the knowledge of old legal regulations, often from distant eras, turns out to be unnecessary.

Our lawyers will be happy to assist you in all of the above mentioned matters. In particular, Krystyna Lubelska is a specialist in succession law. You are welcome to contact us to arrange legal advice. Please note that the costs of such advice will certainly be reimbursed repeatedly if expensive disputes between heirs are avoided at a later date.

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