Insurance and compensation

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When you want to protect your property, the details of its contract become more important even than the amount insured. Our lawyers have analysed, edited and negotiated many insurance contracts.
When you claim the compensation , the court trial experience of the lawyer representing you is important. Lawyers of our Law Firm have successfully conducted hundreds of lawsuits for the payment of compensation and damages.
The most important sphere of Argos Law Firm’s activity includes the subject of insurances: obligatory, social, transportation as well as compensation for accidents at work and road traffic accidents.
Annually, the Law Firm conducts over 150 court cases in which it represents both insurance companies and persons claiming compensation from insurance companies.
The experience gained in this field during 25 years of the Law Firm’s existence allows us to represent our clients in accordance with the highest accepted standards, which results in a high ratio of won cases and satisfaction of our clients.
The Law Firm represents its clients both at the stage of court proceedings as well as in pre-trial and enforcement proceedings.



We provide comprehensive services to insurance companies.


We also act on behalf of clients who wish to pursue claims for compensation.


We represent clients at the pre-trial stage. We negotiate and conclude settlements.


We are flexible in our approach to the subject from both civil and criminal law perspective.

We invite you to cooperation:

We encourage you to contact us. Whether it is only the exchange of experience, discussion of a dangerous amendment to the law or potential (small or large) cooperation, in any case we will be pleased to establish a dialogue with you. Every great success starts with the first, noncommittal “Good morning”!

The number of cases accepted in the Office on the part of the defendant in the proceedings for compensation in the years 2014-2018.

Examples of our Office’s services in this specialization

Legal services of an insurance company

Argos Law Firm due to several years of comprehensive legal services in court cases gained trust of one of the leading insurance companies in Poland.

Representation on the victim’s side

We provide services in the field of communication services, damage to buildings, accidents at work, etc.

Opinions on documents

The Law Firm deals with negotiating and giving opinions on insurance contracts and the so-called General Insurance Terms and Conditions..

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