Criminal cases

Big, biggest- our specialty

Interesting fact: The NeoRenaissance District Court in Katowice, Criminal Division at Andrzeja Street, is the longest operating “company” in the capital of the province. It was established in 1889. The Court and the adjoining arrests continuously provide their “services”, while the following ruled around it: the German Empire, the Second Republic of Poland – the autonomous Silesian Voivodeship, the Third German Reich, the People’s Republic of Poland and the present Republic of Poland.

Specialisation description:

cituations where criminal law rules apply should be treated with the utmost caution from the very beginning. A poorly handled criminal case can result in serious complications in life, both personal and professional. This is why the issue of professional legal assistance provided by an experienced lawyer representing a party to such proceedings becomes so important.
The first confirmation of our competence in this area is the fact that the founder of Argos Law Firm, advocate Marek Lubelski, is an associate professor, specialist in criminal law and criminology. The theoretical knowledge is complemented by his practical experience gained during his many years of work as an advocate.

The criminal law team of our Law Firm are:
Prof. nadzw. dr hab. adw. Marek Lubelski
Advocate Wojciech Lubelski
Advocate Agnieszka Wojtyga
Advocate Thomas Hartleb
In the course of many proceedings we have had the honour to participate in very complicated cases of great importance. We participated in the proceedings conducted for example by : CBA, ABW, Tax Control Office, Customs Office, Border Office and even IPN. Many times we have helped suspects or accused persons in economic trials, so-called white collar crimes. We have provided legal assistance to many clients in very serious situations.
As criminal defence lawyers, we have also been successful in criminal cases concerning medical and pharmaceutical law, violation of copyright on computer programs, the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction or even communist crimes.
The Law Firm also specializes in cases concerning traffic accidents and accidents at work.
For people who are abroad for various reasons we offer assistance in obtaining a “letter of protection” or participation in a Witness Protection Program.
We would like to mention that in criminal cases it is particularly important for a defence counsel to participate as early as at the stage of preparatory proceedings (investigation). Of course, the Law Firm also undertakes defence at later stages of proceedings.
The Law Firm respects the highest standards of security and confidentiality of conducted cases.



Effective defence in all criminal cases, provided by a specialized team of lawyers


We work both in classic criminal cases (drugs, violence, traffic offences, etc.) and in cases with a high degree of complexity (construction disasters, representation of public officers, etc.).


We act on the side of both the victim and the perpetrator


We assist at every stage of criminal proceedings


We work together with in-house lawyers or we take over the whole problem

We invite you to cooperation

We encourage you to contact us. Whether the subject of the conversation is only advice, a threatening amendment to the law or potential (small or large) cooperation, in any case we will be pleased to establish a dialogue with you. Every great success starts with the first, noncommittal “Good morning”!

the number of attorneys at the criminal team of the Law Firm's who work together on the case

the numer of years it took to complete a complicated criminal trial, which ended up favorably for the client – criminal case discontinuance

Other successes of the Law Firm in this specialization

Pacification of the Wujek Mine

A historical event considered to be the greatest crime of martial law. Loud and long trial in which our attorneys took part.

Subsidiary indictment

Many times the Law Firm filed a subsidiary indictment on behalf of the harmed party in a case where the prosecutor’s office did not see any legal grounds to charge the offender.


As a result of defensive actions, a client who was charged with murder and attempted murder was sentenced only for participation in an assault with a fatal outcome.

Traffic offences

Driving under the influence of alcohol, exceeding the speed limit or not following the road signs are just some of the most popular and inappropriate forms of driving that have negative consequences. We have specialized knowledge of criminal and traffic regulations and defended our clients in many cases of traffic offences.

Construction disaster

To this day the Law Firm is involved as a defence counsel in a media case regarding a building disaster on the ski jumping hill in Wisla Malinka.


Medical error

Participation in the proceedings before the Court of First and Second Instance as a defence counsel for a defendant accused of causing serious injury and disability. The trial ended with a complete acquittal of the client.

Defamation and insult

Acts that are undoubtedly punishable. Our criminal law team has repeatedly defended its clients in cases where the protection of their dignity and human honour has been lost.

White Collar Crime 

We guarantee effective defence in criminal – fiscal matters and criminal – commercial cases of so-called white collars. Our effectiveness is proved by numerous criminal trials concluded for the benefit of our client


And when they get on my nerves… beatings, fights.

The case, which began with charges against the perpetrators of the crime under Article 158 § 1 of the Penal Code, ended with discontinuance due to insignificant social harm caused by the act.

Let’s act, let’s not waste any time