Prof. dr hab. Marek Lubelski

Partner of the Law Firm

Dr. hab. in criminal law, a long-term lecturer at the University of Silesia, currently associate professor at the A. Frycz Modrzewski Krakow Academy in Krakow.

Author of many scientific papers. He is also a specialist in commercial and banking law – he founded and led the initial activity of one of the leading Polish banks. He co-founded a number of companies and advised on many commercial transactions.

Active advocate. He provides criminal defense in the most difficult cases – e.g. against the CBA or in proceedings for so-called “white collar crimes”. Thanks to many years of practice and experience, he has achieved numerous successes in this field. Specialist in criminal and commercial law. Academic theorist and many years of practice in one.

“Where there is no law, there is no crime”

-Paul of Tarsus

Areas of law I’m in

Substantive Criminal Law

Criminal Procedural Law


Enforcement Criminal Law



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ul. Kościuszki 6, Katowice