ZUS and pensions

Cancellations of contribution and all that confusion

Wojciech Lubelski, a partner in the Law Firm, specializes in conducting cases before the Labour and Social Insurance Court in the field of mining pensions and accidents at work. He can boast of his extensive experience and high efficiency in this area. In particular, Mr. Lubelski provides assistance to miners of hard coal and sulphur mines in disputes with the Social Insurance Institution concerning the right to a mining pension and in disputes with the employer concerning compensation and reparation for accidents at work.

The practice of the Social Insurance Institution, which repeatedly refuses to provide the insured with due pension benefits, makes professional legal assistance necessary. All those interested are kindly requested to contact the Office.



Drawing up appeals against decisions of pension authorities.


Representation before the Labour and Social Security Courts.


Advice on sickness, maternity or accident insurance.


Help with the complexities of mining pensions.

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Examples of our Law Firm’s services
in this specialty

Preparation of appeals against decisions of pension authorities

While working with clients we most often encounter decisions of the Social Insurance Institution not to grant a pension. The interested person has one month to appeal against this decision, so if you have any doubts as to the validity of such a refusal – contact us!

Mining pension rights

The Law Firm will guide you through the whole process of obtaining an early retirement in a reduced mining payroll. We will tell you when you can apply for a pension and where and when to apply.

Invalidity pension

Total or partial loss of earning capacity is a pre-condition for the award of a pension. It depends on the contribution and non-contributory period. Make an appointment, and we will make an appointment!

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