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Argos s.c. is successfully operating in the law services market since 1994. Situated in the capital of Silesia Vivoidship - Katowice - we provide our clients the legal support in all kind of cases.

Our Legal Office was established by current partners: attorney-at-law Marek Lubelski and Licensed Legal Advisor Krystyna Lubelska. The Office currently employs a staff of 12 lawyers, who deal with hundreds of cases every year.

Besides of criminal cases, damages claims and all other kinds of personal matters we can help you with every aspect of entering the polish market with a product, copyright law, setting any kind of business, debt collection, abroad business negotiations, m&a etc.

This website clearly does not cover all that we do. In order to fully familiarize yourself with our offer please feel free to contact us directly.

Team of our lawyers will take up every task.


Discover our history and check what underlies the current position of the Argos Legal Office.


Complex legal services for entrepreneurs. The creation, operation, development and protection.


We help in everyday and unusual private matters.


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